9 Traits To Be a Successful Sportsperson

Sports isn’t about talent, sports isn’t about training, Sports isn’t about winning alone. Sports is much more than this. Sports is Teamwork, Sports is Right attitude, Sports is Discipline. There is a parallel between Success in Life and Success in Sports. All those traits that make a man successful in Life are required to play a level field in sports as well. We might be excellent in a Game but until we exhibit certain behaviour, our excellence is a waste. To understand more, let’s talk about what are the key traits that make a man a “True Sportsman”.

Do You Have It In YOU?!

1. Respect for others

The most important trait is to have respect for others. When you are required to play in a team, you need to respect your own teammates as well as your opponents. No matter you win or lose, whatever is the fate, accept it gracefully rather than blaming it on others or showing rude behaviour.

2. Team Spirit

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Such beautiful words by Helen Keller. Isn’t it? Even if you are considered the best of the lot you can’t do much alone in a game that involves Team. So, playing in a team should aim at bringing out the best of the team. Giving equal opportunity to everyone out there in the field and that too with no comparisons is a MUST. That is how they will learn and be like you one day. Get the best out of them and train them as per your standards. That’s the right Team Spirit.

3. Fighting Spirit

Being self-motivated and playing your best till the end can really turn the table at the end of the game. So, never lose hope. History has proven that umpteen number of times. Even if you lose, accept it gracefully.

4. Play Fair

Being fair to yourself is being fair to your game, your parents, your coach and your own dignity. There is no need to stoop low and be unfair even if you get a chance. Remember Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar haven’t built their reputation like that. They have set wonderful examples of playing a fair game for generations to follow.

5. Positive Mindset

Winning and Losing are just a part of the game. Don’t let that influence your mindset. Things look tough especially when they are not going your way but that’s Life and ups and down are a part of it.

6. Persistence and Perseverance

Persistence and perseverance pay. Even after a spate of losses, you will have your day. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So, be persistent with your hard work and wait and have the hunger to win.

7. Discipline, Hardwork, Health

No one gets things on a platter. Hardwork is the only KEY TO SUCCESS. There is no other shortcut for you, me and everyone. So practice hard. Maintain discipline and eat healthy to stay healthy.

8. Initiative

Be the frontrunner, take initiatives whether it is about organising a practice session, a chance to play your turn or even an after play party, be an active member of all the activities of the team just not the game.

9. Mind your language/ Emotions

Above all, be control of your language and emotions. If you win, win it gracefully without making the other team feel bad. In fact, compliment them on giving you a tough fight. If you lose, give them a congratulatory handshake and don’t sulk or cry like a kid.

So, anyone with a flair for a sport. Play the game like a gentleman and see yourself soaring high. The sky is the limit for you but if you don’t have these skills, just stay away.

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