Breaking Barriers in Sports

When was the last time you heard from your parents not to go out and play as it’s not going to take you anywhere and rather focus on studies? How many times have your school coach dissuaded you and told you that Sports isn’t a Girlie thing, it’s just meant for the so called rough and tough boys? How many times have you played a tournament for any  sport other than Cricket in your colony, school or at work?

Just think about all this for a while and you will surely be disappointed about our state of affairs when it comes to SPORTS. The irony is that in spite of all these odds, we still have such emerging talented youth not only in metro and cosmopolitan towns but the B and C category towns and cities as well. Wasn’t it evident from the last event – Rio Olympics where we all saw rising stars like Deepa Karmakar and Sakshi Malik pushing everyone behind and emerging out of nowhere.  So, what were the reason and the learning from the Rio Olympics?

Was it that our participants were not good enough? The answer we all know is a big NO. We failed in Rio simply because of the lack of infrastructure and interest that our Sports Authorities take in Sports other than Cricket. It failed as we were not prepared enough. Period! There is no doubt that if we teach and train our youth with a proper planning, our country is going to outperform any other country and win us laurels. We have oodles of talent in our country.

We all know how Sports help you be a better human being. It teaches you to be a team player, teaches you perseverance, keeps you healthy, works like a perfect stress buster, makes you more focused and confident and above all teaches you how to take defeat in Life. The point is STILL it is never that preferred option when it comes to making a career out of it or taking it seriously in Life. Why that hesitation and reservation against Sports is something to ponder over? We need to work on society as a whole when it comes to Breaking these barriers that work against Sports in our country.

The government needs to take the right initiative. Though lots of policies are made, a lot of money being allocated too but the execution becomes the weakest link in the whole thread.  It is not a day’s process but a Movement. We need to invest in years to train our people to bring them to that international level and standards. We have to encourage our Youth and not to forget “Youth means both the genders”. We ought to provide them with enough opportunities to come forward to show us their talent. This has to start right from the beginning when they are admitted to a school. We have to come up with alternate Sports career and avenues to give enough confidence to their parents. The education system, the institutions like schools and colleges, the mentality of parents and above all various right initiatives taken by the government can only bring that required change.

We at Born to Play is striving hard to Break all these stereotype barriers against Sports in our country and Make SPORTS a habit, a necessity. Will you join us in this movement? Let us know your opinion and suggestions in the comments below.

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