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Exercising either in the morning or evening could really exhaust you like both of them are preceded by no intake of food. These fasted sessions are not detrimental, but for improvements, you will require energy boosters. You must have seen your fellow gym-goers stuffing their mouth with those pre-workouts, which is followed by a beastly session. As food is not the only source of protein and is accompanied by powdered proteins, similarly, you need not depend on pre-workouts alone to boost your energy. Here are top 6 pre-workout foods to help you do an extra rep:


Easily available of them are apple, banana, and orange. Not all fruits have easily digestible sugars and carbs and therefore not all can be eaten. These could also include blueberries, just remember to eat them in moderation and you don’t necessarily have to eat them all, you could eat either one.


Yogurts and curd can also act the as good source of instant energy. These are light and easily digestible. Milk itself is not a good source of instant energy, but these milk-based products will totally help you in lifting those extra kgs.


One could never emphasize enough on the importance of peanut butter in daily diet. It has a high content of calories, is protein-rich, easily digestible and easily available. You could eat a spoonful before a workout, or eat it with multigrain bread or with the aforementioned fruits. It goes with everything.


It is as easy to make as a bowl of instant noodles. These are readily available as their demand is soaring. It can be taken as a whole meal but is also a good pre-workout.  You can add fruits to it, for taste or for increasing the carb intake. Just remember to eat less, I know it tastes good but we got to hit the gym.


Are you a fan of chocolates? Do you love to go the gym? Is there a conflict of interests? Protein bars, available in a store near you. As what a pre-workout should be, rich in protein, easily digestible sugars, and high content of carbohydrates and tasteful.


The drink of gods. It is not coffee itself but the caffeine that provides you with the energy. Coffee is better than tea in providing caffeine and it can also be taken through energy drinks. Since coffee is cheaper and easy to make, I would recommend a cup of black coffee (use pure coffee, not one mixed with chicory) before your workout.

These everyday items are easy to digest and have a high carb and sugar content. They act as a good pre-workout and are comparatively cheaper than the powdered ones. As common sense suggests, do not have them all at once or in excess, a moderate amount would do. You can also have your powdered pre-workout with them, and the most important thing to remember is to be hydrated.