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The dark covid-19 evil has left our busy streets empty and crowded public places barren! The evil has ensured lockdown causing massive disturbance all across the globe. Consequently, significant number of companies has set up this “work from home” thing, which comes up with a whole new set of challenges. But, Relax! The problem contains the solution. Go ahead and explore the importance of employee engagement during work from home and also, the challenges faced. This would surely gear you up to face the mighty challenges!

Working remotely has brought forward a whole bunch of challenges before various companies and is gradually pulling them down. The question   arises what does the challenge bundle contain?

Here we go!

Problems bothering the companies in this lockdown era

  • Poor employee engagement

    Prolonged “work from home” has led to crisis like stress, anxiety, backache and insomnia among the employees. These vices have pulled down their mental and physical ability thus, making them less engaged.

  • Communication gaps

    Lack of face-to-face discussions, in-person meetings and brainstorming sessions over coffee breaks has created communication gaps between the employees. The employees get more confused in this process which creates obstacles in smooth run of a company.

  • Tech-related challenges

    Internet outrages, application challenges and broadband network limitations are some of the common challenges faced while working from home. These challenges add to the discomfort of employees as well as company’s performance.

  • Poor productivity

    Unfavorable working condition such as distracted employees, outraged internet, overrated confusion and a lot more reasons leads to poor productivity of a company.

  • Fall in revenue level

    More or less, the covid-19 lockdown has negatively impacted on plan, operations and management of the companies, which has resulted into fall in income level.

All of these are worrisome, aren’t they? But, let’s not focus more on these problems and run after solutions instead!

To cope up with these challenges, one should work on the root problem and what is the root problem in this case?

Poor employee engagement!

Yeah!!! You got it right!

Keeping your employees engaged in this period is significant indeed. Time to explore this in brief!

Importance of employee engagement during this lockdown:

  • To boost productivity

    Employee engaging activities contributes toward boosting productivity across your business. This helps de-stressing employees and relieves them.

  • To retain best people

    People are more likely to leave the organization if they don’t feel engaged or committed to their work. Hence, in order to retain best employees, employee engagement is essential.

  • To improve physical & mental health conditions of employees

    Prolonged working makes people go sick and problems like insomnia, backache, anxiety and stress hit people. Some fun employee engaging activities can help improve this.

  • To increase profitability

    Employee engaging activities can maintain an active work environment, which directly contributes towards increased profits and reaching other pre-determined goals.

  • To enhance company culture

    Fun employee engaging activities ties together the entire work team and bridges the communication gap and thereby, helps nourishing the company culture and that was the key solution.

Give importance to your root problem and stop the corona evil letting your company down!

Now, you might wonder on ‘how to keep these employees engaged in this era?’ Cool! Have your answer!

Ways to keep your remote employees engaged:

  • Conduct e-games and e-concerts
  • Organize fun sessions
  • Share success stories
  • Restore confidence
  • Organize e-learning workshops

Click https://borntoplay.co.in/how-to-engage-your-employees-working-from-home/ to learn more.

Thus, employee engagement is the path to success for the companies. Use this key tool in your company and watch it reaching seven skies!!

What is your take on this…agreed or disagreed? Comment below. 

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