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Sheena and Mridul have been working at the same company for the past two years. They know each other as two remote working employees who work in the same content creation team, but have never spoken to each other. That is until they both joined their company’s  E-Sports/ online sports team. Now, they talk all the time, have a much better sense of collaboration and exchange more and more insightful ideas for creating better content for the company too.

Today’s era has given us the gift of e-Sports to connect with our friends, colleagues, even fellow gamers over long distances and have as much fun and de-stress like we would want to in our real life. The importance of E-Sports for mental well-being of remote workers can’t be undermined today looking at how companies are becoming dependent on such virtual workers. Though E-sports is a new area in the gaming culture, it is starting to become one of the most essential and popular parts of the gaming community. It refers to a structured, computer-mediated, and competitive multiplayer-gaming. Although it is very different from the traditional sports which we play in real life, they both are similar in a way as they both rely on teamwork that entails coordination, communication, and cohesion. 

The remote workers in today’s era have been facing a lot of challenges when it comes to re-igniting their spirit of connection with other employees as well as the employer. This is where E-sports jumps in and says, “Look, you just ensure all the team members have a mobile phone to play collaborative games on, I will take care of the rest and will give you better employees in terms of collaboration skills, communication and teamwork.”


Listed below are some of the most prominent benefits of E-sports:

Benefits for the employees


Individual benefits which are harnessed in an E-Sports team activity include:

1. Improved dexterity.

2. Developed problem-solving skills.

3. Motivation

4. Improved memory

Whereas, team benefits include:

1. Better collective intelligence

2. Team dynamics.

3. Improved understanding of the problem

4. Better communication skills 

5. Teamwork flexibility

6. Improved collaboration


The best part is that all of these skills get carried over to the workplace too!

In E-Sports, the matches can get intense at times, where one small mistake can cause a team to lose, so it also builds trust by simulating the real-time reactions of people when they are under pressure. Besides the team subconsciously gets attached to a thought of being a part of the company activity which in turn amplifies their feelings of pride towards the company.

In fact, a recent study by Brigham Young University suggests that newly-formed work teams who spent time playing video games together for just 45 minutes saw a 20 percent increase in their productivity on subsequent tasks.


These benefits are not restricted to employees but they extend to the employer too. Check below to know how –


Benefits for the employers – These benefits are not restricted to employees but they extend to the employer too. Want to know how, check below –

  1. Builds up a Positive perception about the company
  2. Shows better team leading skills
  3. Improves employee engagement
  4. Leads to increase in productivity
  5. Results in a happy team


~ In conclusion

  • Online gaming can be a highly social activity and social interaction has been shown to improve self-esteem and emotional contentment.
  • While playing online, players can interact with other gamers in chat boxes, collaborate in gaming missions and generally socialize which allows them to bond with others and complete levels together
  • Such engaging activities when performed with your friends or work colleagues can be very helpful in combating social isolation.
  • When concentrating on a video game, the player must quickly assimilate lots of conflicting information and learn to focus on the most important things, blocking out the irrelevant information.
  • It helps you to develop the ability to notice lots of small details at once and learn to combat impulsiveness. 

All this being said, Born to play has made an effort to make possible the E-Sports phenomenon for all the companies which are largely dependent on their remote workers. Such companies are always on a lookout for options to recharge their employees, help them de-stress, re-connect and perform better at their jobs.  To know more on how to engage your remote employees, read our blog https://borntoplay.co.in/how-to-engage-your-employees-working-from-home/ If any of this interests you, do reach out to us at 9899471414 or write to us at info@borntoplay.co.in