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It is rightly said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Maintaining proper balance between sports and academics is important indeed. Though both of them appear to be two distinct fields, interconnecting and making them equally accessible in schools/colleges is often a neglected part in the current education system. Sports are as pivotal as academics in nourishing the student personality and career excellence. The sooner schools and colleges realize this, the better it is. Why do we say so? Learn from our blog Importance of sports in the Indian education system?


Need of equal contribution of ‘sports’ and ‘academics’ towards betterment of children

Through academics, students can learn the intellectual lessons. It helps them stay updated with the current affairs. They gain subject knowledge of algebra, economics, science and other subjects which allow them identify their field of interest. On the other hand, participation in sports and other physical activities helps student stay healthy and maintain good fitness level. Further, it inculcates other virtues of team work, friendliness, better social skills, emotional fitness, etc. Sports also boost their self-esteem and thereby, help children develop an all-round personality.These benefits allowed by a mix of academics and sports are equally important for child development. Thus, maintaining the right blend of ‘sports’ and ‘education’ in schools/colleges is definitely a great idea to enlighten students’ life!


Flaws in our education system

  • Children are kept indoor for long hours with very little or no access to the outdoors. Growing children are supposed to run, walk and play around instead of being forced to sit in one space for too long. This is developmentally inappropriate for kids.

  • Parents are made to think that academic learning is more important to a kid than play. This is wrong! Both academics and sports should be treated equal. Academic learning teaches intellectual lessons whereas, sports teaches self-disciplinary and social lessons. Thus, reasonable amount of sports in addition to academic learning is the right blend. 

  • There is lesser focus on physical education, character building, etiquette and mannerism. These aspects are necessary for child development and can be imparted to students through the medium of sports.

  • Another major problem is the lack of proper sports infrastructure in schools and colleges. Sports infrastructure is really important for achieving excellence in sports. In order to promote sports education, proper sports infrastructure is a must. If the infrastructure isn’t appropriate, where would the kids practice and master the sport?

These are some of the setbacks of our Indian education system, which needs to be improved. Surely, there are some exceptions to this but, understanding the importance of sports in the school and college curriculum is necessary and should be done by the policy makers.   Just keep in mind that our children will be imparted proper education, if and only if they are given equal access to both sports and academic work. 


Sport initiatives to be taken to improvise the Indian education system


  • Organize different sports events and in-class physical activity

Integration of physical activities in classroom through different sports events is important for proper child development. This improves students’ social and emotional well-being. Further, this would allow the students to stay fit and active, bring about physical, emotional and brain development. In addition to this, participation by each child should be made mandatory. It is generally seen that the number of girls participating in sports is much less than boys. So, academic institutions should make at least basic sports activity a regular part of the curriculum where everyone participates. 


  • Conduct sports and fitness concerned webinars or counselling sessions

Conducting webinars regarding the importance of sports in life and other related stuffs is useful indeed. Counselling session conducted by schools can also create awareness among the students as well as their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians need to realize that they should not compromise with sports because it is as essential as academics for the right mind and body development of their child.


  • Build/develop required sports infrastructure

Sports infrastructure is another important requirement for achieving excellence in sports. Where would our athletes’ practice to get up to the world class level in absence of the right infrastructure? Why is it that India is still behind a lot of other developing countries in terms of Sports? In spite of being a nation with the youngest population, why are we still lagging behind in terms of winning Gold and Silver spots in CWG or Olympic games? In order to promote sports education, proper sports infrastructure is must. 


  • Encourage sports players by providing scholarships and other incentives

Students participating in sports should be rewarded with scholarships and other incentives after evaluating their performance. This motivates the children to perform well and excel in the sports. Further, this will provide students an opportunity to be self-reliant and thereby, earn education. 

These incentives need to be considered in schools and education while including ‘sports’ in the respective curriculum. Role of parents in encouraging their ward towards sports is also required. We need to change the mindset at every level. Be it a student, a parent, an educational institution or a statutory authority, everyone has to come forward to bring about this change.

So, coming to the conclusion, the sooner schools/colleges realize the importance of sports, the better. Universities and educationalists with the help of education ministry should make Sports an indispensable part of the Indian education. Just looking at sports as a “break period” to be used just for chilling out isn’t done. Youth is the power of a nation. Let’s realize this fact and start acting. Follow a daily routine where everyone plays for an hour. It isn’t important to win a game but it is definitely important to participate. 

If this makes sense to you, do share it with others! Let the world realize that sport is a lot more than just a leisure activity.

Also, do share your opinion on the same!