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Build a career you can be proud of

Are you one of those champs holding immense passion for sports? If yes then, opting sports as your career path would definitely be a good take!

Most of our parents/elders believe that “Sports is more of a fun activity. Though, it is good for physical fitness and mind, one cannot monetize through it”. It’s the time to break those stereotypes.

Being a professional athlete or a sportsperson are not the only job options in the sports industry. The scope of employment opportunities in this industry is too wide. In fact, even a non-player can enter this industry and have a flourishing career. So, if you are one of those who doesn’t like to play but still follows it like crazy and are keen to have a career, the options are many. From marketing to journalism to psychology, choose whatever you like. If you are not able to make-up your mind still, read on. In this blog, we will guide you on some really exciting sports career options you might not be aware of.

Sports as a career offer numerous opportunities and most of the professions out of these are regarded as leading and highly paid.

Does it sound exciting to you?

If yes, then, go ahead and explore the list of some upcoming sports career opportunities in India.

1. Athletic department jobs

The core department of sports industry is athletic department.Yeah, a professional athlete is surely one of the opportunities available.But other than this, there are a lot other opportunities too. They need a lot other people to make the department run smooth.

Thus, various job opportunities available are :

  • Role: Train the students and help them develop ability in their respective fields.
  • Qualification:    Pass 10+2 with minimum of 50% marks.

Assistant coach

  • Role – Assist the coach, monitor & evaluate the team performance, maintain records.
  • Qualification:     Pass 10+2 with minimum 50% marks.


  • Role: Monitor news sources, attend games, study statistics to determine athlete’s potential, locating them, etc.
  • Qualification: Courses in athletic administration, sports, psychology, statistics & sports law (Higher level athletic scouts may require a bachelor’s degree in PE).

Athletic trainer

  • Role: Work with coaches & athletes to evaluate the player’s condition, create exercise and nutrition plans, handle clerical tasks.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and a certified state license.

Athletic director

  • Role: Provide guidance and direction for conducting sports program, preparing budgets, allocation of spendings, coordinating officials & umpires at game.
  • Qualification: Master’s degree in sports administration/ management.

Marketing & promotions coordinator

  • Role: Market & promote sports products & services of a specific brand, promote sports events.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Sports information director

  • Role : Serves in public relation department in sports and athletics world.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Communication and related fields, Master’s degree in sports administration & communication.

Scoreboard operator

  • Role : Analyzing the game and updating the scoreboard, recording scores in the score sheet.
  • Qualification : High school diploma.

Public address announcer

  • Role : Make announcements over loudspeakers during the sporting events, give instructions and calms down the crowds.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting or communication.

Sports management professional

  • Role : Looks after the business & promotional concerns of athletic organizations or athletes.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree for entry level positions, MBA or master’s degree in sports management for mid-level positions.

2. Sports jobs in school

Sports has a very important role in the academic world also. Various sports employees are hired by the schools to assist children from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Such professions include :

Physical Education teacher

  • Role : Educate children on healthy lifestyle, physical activity and nutrition.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.


  • Role : Train the students and help them develop ability in their respective fields.
  • Qualification : Pass 10+2 with minimum of 50% mark.

Assistant coach

  • Role : Assist the coach, monitors & evaluates the team performance, maintains records.
  • Qualification : Pass 10+2 with minimum of 50% marks.

3. Media jobs

Then, there are a lot of jobs in the media industry also. If you are good at communicating, interacting & writing, then you can definitely opt for media department in sports. Through this department, you’ll get better exposure to sports industry behind-the-scenes as you’ll be working with sports sites, publication, various TV & radio channels, etc.

The opportunities available are as follows:

Sports commentator

  • Role : Provide colorful commentary for broadcast of sporting events.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting/communication.

Sports photographer

  • Role : Shoot pictures and videos for athletics and other sporting events.
  • Qualification : Postsecondary photography training

Television/ radio sports producer

  • Role : Producing radio/tv sports show, selecting right content and arranging the time slots.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in related field.

Sports show host

  • Role : Host the live sports programme, interview sportspersons, etc.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting & communication.

Sports writer

  • Role : Deliver articles on sporting events for website, newspaper and television.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in journalis.

4. Marketing jobs

The market department covers a considerable range of jobs in all industries and so is the case with sports industry.

One can start out in marketing in the following positions:

Event coordinator

  • Role : Arranging an event, selecting venue, determining budgets and monitoring the event.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management/PR.

Account coordinator

  • Role : Responsible for monitoring sports budget, provide direct support to the a/c manager, setting up sales targets.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising.

PR assistant

  • Role : Assisting in organization and planning of sports PR events, participating in brainstorming sessions and updating media list.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in PR, communications or related fields.

Marketing director

  • Role : Communicating the sports marketing plan, planning, directing and controlling the marketing efforts.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business/ Marketing communications.

Sports Analyst

  • Role : Research and report various sports-related skills for various media outlets, works from various locations in order to cover different sports events.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, communication, journalism or other related field.

General manager

  • Role : Overseeing daily sports operation, managing budgets, developing & implementing growth strategies.
  • Qualification : Degree in business management, masters in business administration.

5. Health & fitness department jobs

Health and fitness team plays a major role in the sports industry. In case of any injuries, minor/major accidents or any fitness related issues or even in coping up with mental health, health & fitness team is consulted.

Thus, the various positions available are:

Doctor of osteopathy

  • Role : Diagnose, treat patients, prescribes medication, performs surgery.
  • Qualification : Osteopathic medicine degree

Exercise physiologist

  • Role : Analyzes player’s medical history, perform fitness & stress test, develops exercise programs to improve player’s health.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, Master’s degree in exercise physiology.

Sports physical therapist

  • Role : Treat sport-related injuries, teach exercises to improve mobility & strength.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate degree in Physical therapy.

Sports nutritionist/dietician

  • Role : Advise on dietary practice, exercise, intake of vitamins, minerals and supplements, set short-term goals for the players.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in sports nutrition.

Sports psychologist

  • Role : Help athletes rehabilate after injury, deal with anxiety & improve their performance.
  • Qualification : Masters or doctoral degree in clinical counseling or sports psychology.

Sports massage therapist

  • Role : Offers massage therapy to treat muscles and cure sports-related injuries.
  • Qualification : Degree in sports massage therapy.

6. Sports technology department jobs

The sports tech space is still new in relation to many other fields. But, in today’s era of e-sports league, video analysis, etc., sports and technology are becoming interdependent.

Some of the sports tech jobs available are as follows:

Sports app developer

  • Role : To develop and design sports gaming applications e-leagues.
  • Qualification : Degree in technology or any other related field.

Sports Engineer

  • Role : To design and optimize the sports equipment, work with athletes to understand their interaction with equipment and help them improve.
  • Qualification : Engineering degree in sports technology.

Video game designer

  • Role : Coming up with appealing game idea, developing the theme, plot, storyline, user interface, rule system, ways of wining and losing, etc.
  • Qualification : Degree in computer game design, graphic design or animation.

7. Sports Retailing jobs

Sporting goods retailing is big business and people working there can make excellent money. This is a wholesale side of business because, obviously the sports merchandise are sold to retailers.

The employment options here are as follows:

Sales representative

  • Role : Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs, negotiating contracts, marketing & exceeding sales goal.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related field.

Sporting goods store manager

  • Role : Responsible for supervising employees and running store at a profit.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business administration.

Sporting goods sales person

  • Role : Sell sports goods & equipment, explain about caring of equipment & regulation.
  • Qualification : No postsecondary qualification required (10+2 pass will do).

 Sales Team dealer

  • Role : Recruit, train & coach the sales team, keep informed of new sports product/ service, assist sales manager.
  • Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in marketing & sales.

8. Law department job

Sports also allows the legal jobs in its field. Legal issues relating to sports need to be resolved and this is where “sports lawyer” come in the picture.

Sports lawyer

  • Role : Represent the legal and financial interest of sportsperson in the court.
  • Qualification : Sports law degree.

So, these are all the numerous career opportunities available in the sports industry. In order to get better exposure, one may get enrolled in any of the top sports colleges. (learn more about the “https://borntoplay.co.in/11-top-sports-colleges-in-india/”)

Experience works really great in sports industry. Hence, while building the career, one should try interning with various sports programs. Internships contribute towards your experience and add value to your profile.

So….step forward, build a super-strong career out of sports, work well, get highly paid and climb the ladder to success.                                                                                                                                                    

Good luck champs! Have a great career ahead!

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