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A lack of awareness regarding the availability of clear MHA guidelines for sports in india after the lockdown has been noticed hence, we at BornToPlay took off to do some research and solve a few queries and doubts.

Kiren Rijiju”, the union minister of youth affairs and sports stated some points on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the national sports federation (NSF) as we start opening up the lockdown in India. “NSFs can organize a sporting event, but standard operating procedures need to be maintained and followed,” he quoted.

Along with this, the whole speech of Kiren Rijiju was recorded and was placed on multiple news platforms, hence making it unclear and difficult for us to place our finger on the guideline points separated from his speech. The ministry of home affairs (MHA) accepted the remarks given by Kiren Rijiju and is producing new guidelines allowing sports complexes and stadiums to reopen but it is also said that spectators won’t be permitted during the lockdown period.

As we read and researched more about these documents and news, we reduced them to an extract of implications of MHA sports guidelines which are stated as follows:


  1. Sports which do not involve the need of physical contacts can start with their own standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  2. Sports complexes and stadia will be allowed to open, sports events can also be conducted but without any spectators.

  3. Not every sports organization can be opened, things need to be carried out with a certain code of conduct.

  4. Selective elite athletes who are Olympics bound and also those who have been selected by the national center of excellence will be resuming practice, but on a very staggered level.

  5. Training of sports which involves physical contacts will be done under strict codes of conduct and also in a staggered manner with lesser individuals.

  6. Regions under red zone are advised more caution regarding the resumption of the trainings.

  7. Gyms and swimming won’t be allowed for now.

  8. All sporting activities in indis can be resumed under some precautions.
  9.  Training of athletes will start.

These were some clear implications as of now. Rest will update you as it is announced.