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All work and no play might make you a dull company!

The deadly corona virus has claimed lockdown!!! This has jumbled up people’s personal and professional life, right?? The “work from home” thing has buzzed up stress among the employees’ mind. Keeping the employees engaged during the lockdown is the major challenge posed before all the companies! Worry not, we have the solution here!!

Initially imposed for 21 days, the lockdown has been extending as the covid-19 cases are speeding up. Almost 90-95% of companies are having their employees working from home.

Prolonged “work from home” has presented its own set of challenges for the remote employees. What are these? Let’s check these out:

Challenges Faced By Employees During The Lockdown –

  • Social isolation
  • Maintaining engagement and focus
  • Distraction & lack of motivation
  • Poor mental & physical health (insomnia, stress, anxiety, backache)
  • Reduced supervision & direction

All of these vices make the employees less engaged and lowers the overall productivity of the employee.


So, what is the solution to keep your remote employees engaged?

Remember the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”?? Yes! This is the key to keep your employees engaged!! When fun and work is brought together, it won’t bore or stress people but help increase the productivity and keep them engaged. This is where Born To Play proposes “work from home, play from home” Born To Play, an event management company based in New Delhi, makes it easy for the companies to engage their employees working from home. How? By organizing various employee engagement activities.

Activities suggested to motivate the remote employees:

  • E-fitness & e-dance sessions
  • E-cooking class
  • E-concert
  • E-makeup workshops
  • Pubg tournaments and a lot more

Not only these, but any other activity that you have in mind can also be arranged. Born To Play understands the requirements, demographic, size and sex-ratio of a company and then accordingly, plan, organize and execute events and activities in a manner that would lead to best outcomes.

What would be the benefits of such employee engagement activities?

These are some benefits which the employees drive directly out of these activities –

  • Increase employee retention
  • Team building and employee engagement
  • Boost productivity
  • Improving employees’ physical and mental health
  • Helps in being more focused

Who all have been benefitted in the past?

Organizations like Byjus and upGrad, who faced similar issues in the past but decided to get some really interesting activities done for their employees have already overcome these issues. The employees are happy, rejuvenated and performing better and in fact looking for another round of such activities. Yes, BTP has successfully executed several activities for their employees, which have delighted and refreshed all of them!

Here’s what they feel about the programs conducted by BTP –

So, what are you waiting for??? All those who think these employee engagement activities could be of interest to you, get in touch with BTP and get your session booked using the contact details given below. Think of keeping your employees engaged, think of Born To Play!!

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