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Worried about managing and motivating your remote employees?

Yeah, this seems to be the most herculean task these days. The new mode of remote working has brought along a lot of challenges which none of us were prepared for. But, since this is going to be a new norm now, we better be prepared. This is why, we have mentioned 6 tips to Manage And Support Your Remote Employees. This will help your employees feel connected, engaged and motivated. 

Workfromhome”- something that was an option or a privilege before, has become the normal practice now! The deadly covid-19 pandemic has urged almost all the organizations to step into this “work from home” mode. This is hectic for both the employees and the companies as after a while keeping your employees connected and 

1. Communicate regularly

Communication is the key to engage your remote working employees. Also, remote working might make the team feel disconnected due to communication gaps. Cheering them up and eliminating their loneliness is crucial in this scenario.

So, what to do?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Set up frequent virtual meets
  • Check-in frequently and let them know that you care
  • Learn about their issues and help them resolve
  • Organize live webinars & virtual retreat
  • Send covid-19 updates and ask them to stay safe

You can use platforms like zoom and google meet to connect with conference video call. 

2. Conduct team-building fun-games, sessions and activities

Make your employees feel important by adding a pinch of fun to their work. You can conduct various activities to improve their physical and mental health. This would also help build a genuine bond among the fellow workers thereby, enhancing the company culture.

The activities could be as follows:

  • E-fitness session
  • E-dance session
  • E-cooking class
  • E-makeup workshops
  • Online Pubg/ Poker/ Cricket tournaments

3. Conduct online therapy or counseling sessions

Online therapy and counseling sessions would help employees deal with the daily life transitions and overcome their fear. These would do well to the companies as it would attract and keep talent within companies as well as encourage knowledge sharing which is beneficial for both company’s success and employee’s development.

You can include the following stuff:

  • Career counseling sessions
  • Virtual coffee meets
  • Formal brainstorming session
  • Other motivational e-ted talks

4. Set clear targets.

Setting achievable targets for your employees is an effective way of work management. The goals should be precisely and correctly communicated to avoid confusions and errors.Preparing a to-do list on a daily basis and regularly tracking it would give you the idea of employees’ pace.Accordingly, one can focus on weak pointsand help them improve.

5. Try being flexible with shifts

Since most of the employees are working from home in the current scenario, their personal and professional life is jumbled up. Due to distractions at home and lack of office-like settings, they might go through rough time management. Hence, the companies should allow flexible timings to the employees. As long as the quality of work is maintained and the deadline is met, you need not hold a strict control over when they punch in and punch out.

6. Be transparent

Transparency is the key. Be as transparent as possible with your employees, this would help your company gain trust. The more they know, the easier it would be for them to work remotely. This awakens a feeling of trust among the employees for the company. This would also help pacing up the decision-making process.  

Below are the few tips of maintaining transparency:

  • Make all the required and necessary information accessible to the team members
  • Be honest, authentic and candid when speaking to your employees
  • The changes made and the updates of the company should be communicated to the employees.

That is it! These were your 6 tips to manage and support remote employees.

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In brief, the thing is that you need to be extra cautious these days because your most of the team is working remotely. Hurdles in their work would act as a hurdle in your company’s growth. Make the “well-being of your employees” your top priority using the above ideas and watch your company paving the path to success. If you want to know more on why is it important to keep your employees engaged, click and read https://borntoplay.co.in/importance-of-employee-engagement-during-work-from-home-2/

What do you feel about this? Is there any idea that we missed out and you want to add, let us know in the comments below.