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Hey there! Looking forward to get into a top college/university through Sports? Good luck with this. Read this article! We are sure, you would be able to make it up? 

In order to pave your way to the top colleges, you should be either of the two – academically strong or brilliant at one of the sports but since you are surfing this article with Born to play, I assume that you are the option two! So, you have the opportunity. Do utilize it. Wondering how? Chill, you’ll be answered. Go ahead and explore on how to get admission in top Indian colleges/universities via sports quota.

Fortunately, our education system has recognized the importance of sports along with the academic importance and hence, today even the top educational universities have sports quota for admission into academics. 

But…do not get too excited! Nothing comes without hard work. Every college holds a specific number of seats under sports quota. The number of seats held is very less as compared to the students aiming for it. So, obviously the competition level is high and you will have to try hard.

So, let’s start answering your queries first. 

  • How to apply for sports quota admission?               

    The aspiring candidates should fill the online sports quota application form available on the respective website. If applying against quota, the aspirants might have to pay some additional charges and then get the form.

  • What are the eligibility criteria?       

    The candidates should have participated or won at district, state, national or international level matches. Candidates applying for this can expect marks relaxation of up to 15% in merit list.

  • What do the organizations ask to submit as a piece of proof? 

    They will ask for your certificates as a piece of evidence of your participation at district, state, national, international level.

  • Do the colleges reveal the number of seats hold under sports quota?

    Yeah, they definitely do. An official notification is published revealing the no. of seats reserved under the sports quota.

  • What is the admission process?    

    Every university has its own procedures and guidelines for admitting students. They are all available on the websites of the respective colleges.

List of top colleges/universities providing admission via sports quota

To make things easier for you, we are providing you with the detailed list of top 6 colleges/universities which allows admission through sports quota. Check them out!

1. University of Delhi

Disciplines included:    

Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Ball badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Body building, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Cross country, Cycling, Fencing, Football,  Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Kabbadi, etc.

How to apply:

Candidates need to fill the online application form released on the official website of DU. A candidate can apply in a maximum of three sports.

Admission process:   

Candidates have to undergo either of the two trials:

  • Direct admission without any sports trial

A sportsperson who has represented their country in Olympics games, Para-Olympics games, Common wealth games, World Championships under International sports federation, Asian games by the Olympic council of Asia, Asia championships (all recognized under Indian Olympics Association/ Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports/ Affiliated games) gets direct admission.

  • Admission based on sports trial

In this trial, candidates are required to qualify a skill test, game performance test, fundamentals of the game/sports test, fitness test, etc. A sportsperson has to qualify any of the two fitness items-strength, endurance and speed. For games like chess, archery, shooting, students have to qualify only one fitness test.            

Eligibility criteria:

The applicant should score a minimum of 50% marks in the sports trial in order to be eligible.

Marks distribution:

25% weightage is given to the certificates earned by the student, and 75% weightage is given to the trials conducted.                                             

2. SRM University, Tamil Nadu

Disciplines included: 

Cricket, Ball Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Football, Athletics, Hockey, Kabaddi, Volleyball.

How to apply:

Candidates need to directly report for the trials held for sports quota admission at its Kattankulatur campus along with testimonials and sports certificates.

Admission process:

The candidates have to undergo a selection trial which is held at the University campus in Kattankulathur.

Eligibility criteria:

The candidates should have reached national or international level in sports to apply under sports quota.

3. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Disciplines included:

Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Shooting, Cricket, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Volleyball, Football, Lawn tennis.

How to apply:

Candidates seeking admission will have to attend the trials conducted. The prescribed application form should be taken from the respective sports officer, duly filled and then submitted. 

Admission process:

Candidates should sit for the practical screening. Shortlisted candidates are then given admission for the respective courses.

Eligibility criteria: 

Candidates should have played at regional, state, national or international level. (Candidates with an outstanding performance are given a 5% relaxation in cut-offs during admission)

4. Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission and Anna University

Seats reserved

500 seats (12 seats are with the TNEA and 488 seats are with Anna University of technologies, Government, Government-Aided and private engineering colleges)

Disciplines included

Athletics, Atya Patya, Badminton, Ball Badminton, Base Ball, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Billards and snookers, Body building, Boxing, carom, chess, cricket, etc.

How to apply:

Students should attach the special reservation form for sports with TNEA application form and a demand draft of Rs.100/- and copies of the relevant certificates in person to the Secretary TNEA, Chennai. 

Admission process:

Admission is done on the basis of the achievement of the candidate in tournaments. Candidates are called for an interview round, where their certificates are verified and ranked based on their past records. Selected candidates are called for counseling after ranking.

Eligibility criteria:

Only native candidates, i.e. those who have residential proof of Tamil Nadu or the students who have studied in CBSE/KVS school in Tamil Nadu are eligible.

5. St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata 

Disciplines included: 

Table Tennis, Chess, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Archery, Athletics, Rowing, Aquatics, Squash, Tennis, Football, Handball, Gymnastics, Cricket.

How to apply:

Candidates need to register themselves through the respective website and report when the trials are held.

Admission process:

The candidates have to appear for sports trial and a physical fitness test. After the trial, the shortlisted candidates appear for the last interview round. 

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates who have played at state, national or international level tournaments conducted by the state, national or world association and showcased sporting achievements in the last two years are eligible. 

6. Galgotias University

Disciplines included:  All skill-based and fitness sports.

How to apply:

Fill the application form for admission in the respective website and at the same time, candidates should also upload their sports certificate on the GU portal. 

Admission process:

The admission in GU is done in two ways:

1. Direct admission without sports trial

All the candidates who have participated in any of the following competitions are eligible to secure admission at GU without any sports trials:

  • Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee
  • World championship by international sports federation
  • Asian games by Olympics Council of Asia
  • South Asian Games by South Asian Sports Council
  • Commonwealth Games by Commonwealth Games Federations
  • Paralympics Games by International Paralympics Committee

2. Admission with sports trial

Candidates who have not participated in the above competitions should appear for sports trial conducted by Galgotias sports department and other tests on fundamental skills, overall playing ability. Under this trial, only candidates qualifying this are admitted in GU.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates should have reached state, national or international level and hold a certificate of the same. 40 marks will be considered for the sports certificate. 

So, that was it! If you wish to get enrolled using sports quota, start participating in championships, collect certificates and start preparing! In the process, also remember that totally neglecting academies would not work. 

Good luck all! Hope you reach your destination soon.