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Regular participation in sports is a must to stay physically and mentally healthy as well as to live a better life. The earlier you realize this and get into the habit, the better.

Sounds like a bold statement? Don’t worry, we have proof of this.

World Health Organization (WHO) claims that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Evidence shows that regular participation in sports provides people with a wide range of physical, social and mental health benefits, regardless of ability, age and gender.

If you believe that ‘sports is only a child’s need’, you’re wrong! Sports play an important role in promoting health and preventing diseases right from childhood to late middle age of human life. It also influences physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development.

In this article, we have mentioned 10 important reasons to play sports. By the end of this article, you’ll realize how important it is for each one of us to indulge in sports on regular basis and what all would we be missing if we don’t do that.

1. Physical benefits

Playing sports gives your muscles and the cardiovascular system a good workout, helps you burn your calories and thereby, you can manage your weight. This helps one stay in shape and maintains good physical fitness.
Studies reveal that participation in sports can considerably improve heart health and reduce the chances of dying from cardiovascular disease. Further, sports like cycling, swimming, tennis, running, rowing and skiing can reduce the risk of diabetes.

2. Reduced stress and anxiety

Sports is considered as a vital tool for maintaining mental fitness. It reduces the production of stress-inducing hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol in your body. This helps you elevate your mood and thereby, overcome stress and anxiety. It reduces fatigue, improves alertness and concentration and enhances overall cognitive function.

3. Controls blood pressure

Playing sport is a great way to control your blood pressure. It can make your heart stronger, which can pump more blood with less effort. This decreases the force on your arteries and reduces blood vessel stiffness. Sports like cycling, swimming and tennis are effective in controlling BP.

4. Social connections

Sport is a social tool, which brings people from different ethics, culture, religion, profession, age and socio-economic background together for a game. This helps one improve one’s communication skills. Hence, playing sport is a great way to meet, interact and socialize with new people.

5. Allows better slumber

According to the National Sleep Foundation, regular exercise and physical activity can help people to get more slumber. This allows your body and brain to repair, restore and re-energize. This, in turn, would improve your memory, focus, immunity and mood changes.

6. Improved appearance

Sports can considerably enhance your physical appearance. It helps you lose excess body fats, get a better body shape and improve your muscle tone. This will make you stronger, faster and improve your overall appearance. Further, it enables better oxygen supply and blood flow in your body which gives you a warm glow and enhanced complexion.

7. Improved mood

Scientists have revealed that sporting activities can trigger brain chemicals that lift your mood and make you feel happier and relaxed. Thus, playing sports is a good way to improve your mood and alleviate depression signs!

8. Self-esteem and self-confidence

When one gets involved in sports, practices hard to win the match and finally reach the goals, it builds self-esteem and boosts self-confidence within the player. Players develop positive feelings about themselves and acquire a sense of self-worth which is really important.

9. Teamwork

Heard it before but we couldn’t have missed this point. Playing sports as a part of a team inculcates the quality of teamwork among the players. Through team sports, everyone in the team learns to share the work, reap the shared benefits, rely on and trust each other. Being a team player can bring a sense of belonging and is a wonderful learning experience for kids as well as adults. It is usually a profound sense of satisfaction when communication, co-operation and training all comes together positively.

10. Promotion of life skills

Sport is a good entry-point for the promotion of life skills and healthy lifestyles. It helps one to live a better life and adds value through physical and mental fitness. It helps one to cope with the highs and lows of life. Players learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way.

Thus, these are some of the reasons which justify the intense need of sports in human life. Adopting these sports practices in your life would definitely reap positive results. Thus, pick a sport you love and stick to it!

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