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Diwali is around the corner and YES, the festivities are to begin soon! It’s time to flaunt your ethnic attire, to exchange sweets with your family, friends and workmates, to share the beautiful bond and to nurture office relationships too. BUT……we’re still stuck in this never-ending quarantine phase:(

Does that mean no celebration this year? Will this dark scenario darken our festival of lights? The answer is – NO WAY! You can still make this Diwali fun and memorable for you and your subordinates! We’re here to guide for the same.

In this article, we have provided you with few ideas on how to have a joyous Diwali celebration while working from home or in office and thereby, improve your employee engagement.


Fun events for virtual office Diwali celebration!


All the employees might just be fed up of the daily remote work routine. Thus, how about giving a skip to the routine for a day or two and engaging them in fun events? It’ll be like a nice, refreshing and crisp Diwali break!

Given below is the list of fun events/games, which you can conduct for your fellow employees:

Virtual/ Remote events

Virtual games for office Diwali celebration

Fun virtual office Diwali celebration events  like Tambola and Virtual scavenger hunt would interest the fellow office employees.

1. Tambola

Tambola is one of the most common and fun game played among a medium group of people in Diwali party. Let your workmates rejoice playing virtual tambola this Diwali. In order to have a fun interactive session, it is advisable to limit 50 people max per session.

2. Online rummy tournament

Playing cards with your mates during the festive season is a whole different vibe. Let’s live the moment digitally this year!

Connect online and enjoy the multiplayer rummy game.

3. Virtual scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt is another fun game similar to treasure hunt. The host will ask riddles and the players are supposed to decipher the same to identify the object and then, quickly run and get it. The last one to get the object & show on camera gets eliminated in the process and the last person surviving wins. This will be carried through zoom conference call. The game should be planned around Diwali theme to awaken those festive vibes. Again, in order to have a fun game, we suggest you to limit max 50 people per session.

4. Online Poker tournament

Quick card games are always fun and so is this poker tournament! The more the number of players, the greater is the fun. The person who wins every poker chip in the tournament is the winner.

5. Comic tambola

Play tambola with a renowned stand-up comedian and laugh till your stomach hurts! Again, the game will be more fun and interactive if you limit the no. of participants to 50 per session.


In-office event ideas for virtual office Diwali celebration

1. Diwali bake off

Diwali being a festival of lights and sweets, indulge your team in a fun baking contest! Ask the participants to prepare cakes and then, reward the most delicious one.

2. Diwali themed scavenger hunt

Prepare a Diwali theme list defining specific items, hand it on to the participants and let them hunt for it. One can also theme the hunt to the mythology behind the festival.

3. Tambola

Playing tambola is never out of fun, especially when you have your cheerful workmates around and the Diwali celebration is on! Again, limit 50 participants per session to have a fun, interactive game.

4. Musical chair painting- canvas & diyas

A very fun game to unleash your inner creativity! You need an artistic moderator for this activity. There will be a painting canvas/ a diya in front of each participant and they’re supposed to start their painting when the music stops. Once the music starts, participants start moving just like in the usual musical chair game, when the music stops, they sit on the chair in front of them and are supposed to continue someone else’s painting. This is to be repeated several times until the participants are done with painting. Finally, all the paintings/ diyas will be painted with the effort & creativity put in by different people! Creating groups of 30 participants each will be convenient.

5. Mini Diwali mela games

We all are definitely going to miss those vibrant Diwali melas this year. How about setting the mini one up at your workplace and thereby, cheer up your employees? Sounds fun, right?

Yes, setting up a mini mela and organizing fun games such as lucky 7, hoopla, hula hoop, break the pyramid, etc. is definitely a great idea.


What can you gift your employees?


Sharing Diwali gifts have never been out of style and never will be! Offering gifts to the employees always helps to make them feel good and connected. Selecting the right gift for your employees might seem like a herculean task…but not anymore because, we have got 10 options for you! Go through them, select the one you like and delight your fellow employees!

  • Gift hamper
  • Customized gifts
  • Sweets and chocolates
  • Box of dry fruits
  • Home décor
  • Watch
  • Gift cards
  • Aromatic candle set
  • Super subscription
  • Online courses

We hope that these virtual office Diwali celebration ideas will help you in making this Diwali super fun and exciting for you and your employees and in turn, making them more productive.

If you need any more of such ideas or any assistance in arranging such events, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to arrange a super fun event for your employees to make this Diwali a lot more joyous and a lot less boring despite the circumstances.

Which other fun events would you like to add in this list? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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