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We at Born to Play are on a mission to make India the next sporting powerhouse of the world. Therefore, we have been nurturing the sport interest within the kids and training them to ace the game they love. All it takes to develop a great athlete is right equipment, right coach, right ambience and right nutritional supplement. We do take care of all of these….but, when it comes to nutrition, we were little worried just like every other parent out there. We were just not sure about how to manage nutrition for athletic kids.

All of us understand how diet is an important part of child growth especially for those who indulge in sports on a regular basis. Above all, it keeps one healthy, ensures effective growth and development, helps in building immunity, so on and so forth. But, ironically, that’s the most difficult part to manage. What to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat and above all, how to control craving for fast food and how to make food interesting for the kids – something that is tasty yet healthy?


Here comes the solution !


Our beloved head coach & Current National Champion of Table Tennis in Veterans Category – Mr. Hira Goswami, who is well aware about proper child nutrition has offered a perfect solution to the problem of lack of nutrients in your child’s meal.

So, what is it!?

He suggests a healthy drink for athletic kids that has all the essential nutrients.

Gritzo Supermilk – Age specific great protein and nutrition drink for athletic kids which are made using 100% natural CHOCOLATE!! This means getting your children to drink a glass of milk will no longer be a struggle! Yes, you read that right!

You can check out the below video where Hira Sir explains the benefits of GRITZO.


Nutritional values of this healthy drink for athletic kids :



What else?

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Why choose Gritzo for kids?

The benefits provided by Gritzo Supermilk protein powder for kids are as follows:

  • The drink constitutes of high quality, nutritionally sound nutrients
  • 100% whey protein from milk
  • Boosts recovery and strength
  • 100% vitamin D3
  • Aids brain development
  • 100% calcium citrate malate
  • Improves bone strength
  • Provides high energy levels

Mr. Hira Goswami says that his trainees have used the product and have witnessed the well-being and boosted energy level afterwards.

What nutrients do athletic kids need?

Given below are vital nutrients required for a growing kid:
1. Calcium
Building blocks of bones
Source: Dairy products, Beans, leafy vegetables, etc.

2. Vitamin D3
Helps in calcium absorption
Source: Fish, Egg yolk, mushroom, etc.

3. Carbohydrates
Supplies energy for overall growth
Source: Banana, kidney beans, oats, etc.

4. Protein
Builds muscle
Source: eggs, pork, pulses, etc.

5. Fats
Supplies energy to body for overall growth
Source: sweet potato, almonds, coconut, cheese, etc.

6. Iron
Helps in oxygen transportation
Source: spinach, peanut,, brown rice, etc.

Lastly, it is quite important to limit added and refined sugars, sodium, trans and unsaturated fats.

In conclusion, a good blend of all the above nutrients is necessary for proper child growth. This will help your kids grow well, develop well and likewise, play well.


What do Gritzo consumers have to say?

a)  Aditya Kapur – Tennis Player – 17 years old
“I have been consuming Gritzo protein shake since a year now and it really feels like my nutritional requirements are being met. The double chocolate flavor tastes good and I would like to continue the consumption in future as well.”

b)  Tanvi Arora – Tennis Player – 10 years old
“I like this gritzo super milk, it boosts my energy levels and is tasty as well. I do consume it frequently.”

c)  Dev Singhal’s mom – Badminton Player – 14 years old
“My kid says that this nutritional health drink is good and tastes good. He’s been consuming the product for 2 months and is liking it.”

To sum up, stop worrying about child nutrition and leave this on Gritzo, what Mr. Goswami describes as “fuel of every athlete”!
The natural protein shake with double chocolate flavor will make your kids just LOVE milk! After all, who doesn’t love chocolates?
So, wait why? Grab this best nutrition drink now!


How to order Gritzo?

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