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Looking to set up badminton courts in your backyard or in the neighboring park or in your private facility? Well, this is going to require a through planning process and only then comes the execution part. But you need not worry much about the planning because……..guess what? You’re at the right place and we’ll be helping you plan the construction of your badminton facility via this article. 


So, without any delay…let’s start with the planning process


What to choose – indoor badminton court or the outdoor one!? 


If you want to play badminton, you can play it indoors as well as outdoors. All you’ll be needing is a pretty flat area and enough space. But when it comes to competitive badminton matches, it becomes quite difficult to conduct the game outdoors. Why? The shuttlecock with which we play badminton is extremely light as it is made up of feathers or plastic attached to a cork or foam base. Hence, external factors like wind and rain can easily affect the flight of the shuttlecock, which interrupts the game. Therefore, the majority of the badminton courts are indoors and if you’re looking forward to conduct/play competitive badminton matches in your court or have coaching sessions, you must do the same. 


Design your facility well! 


Given below are some of the essential areas whose design requires certain considerations before bringing them into reality.

  • Height

The height of a badminton facility should be 39 feet above the floor (As per BWF’s laws of badminton). This should allow free flight of the shuttlecock without any obstruction. 

  • Lighting

It is always preferable to have indirect lighting in a badminton facility. This avoids the light from glaring the eyes of the players. There are different types of illumination standards for badminton courts. Illumination standards as per the usage is as stated below:

  • Amateur competition – 150 to 300 lux
  • General competition – 300 to 500 lux
  • Formal competition – 500 to 750 lux
  • Air flow

Make sure that there is no direct air flow into the court. Or else, this would disturb the flight of the shuttlecock. 

  • Flooring

Keep the flooring less elastic and avoid concrete floors. 

  • Color of the inside wall   

It is advisable to paint the inside walls with dark color. This will avoid blurring of the view of the shuttlecock. 


Plan your dimensions well… 


You can refer to the diagram below to layout the dimensions of a standard badminton court. 

A brief view of dimensions of badminton court

Mention of measurements of a badminton facility

The official size and dimensions of standard badminton court features a width of 6.10 meters for doubles and 5.18 meters for singles. The length is 13.40 metres. Whereas, the diagonal length for doubles and singles is 14.72 and 14.36 meters respectively. The centre of the site is divided by the net of height 1.55 metres.  


What materials to use for construction???


Following are the materials, which you’ll have to list while planning the construction of a badminton facility:

  • Flooring material – synthetic flooring, PVC flooring, wood flooring.
  • Roof material – steel/stainless steel roofing shed, galvanized roofing shed.
  • Side curtain (optional) 
  • Badminton nets
  • Other basic construction materials – cement, bricks, steel, paint. 


Always make sure to make wise quality purchases. This will ensure safety and durability of the badminton courts. 


Now comes the crucial stage – financial planning. 


Drafting a proper financial plan is VERY VERY crucial thing to do in any project carried. So, obviously construction of a badminton court is no exception. Before anything, you’re supposed to understand your cost structure. Keep aside a specific sum for the sole purpose of badminton court construction. Once this is done, create a list of your expenses and allocate your funds for those accordingly. Since this is an expensive project, you should be having a very fair idea of how much and where all will you be spending your bucks. Total the expenses and check if it tallies with your sum amount. Make adjustments accordingly.


Yeah, this is how you’ll be making a financial plan for the badminton court construction. Just to give you a rough idea, the whole process usually costs 15-25 lakhs for 2 indoor courts.


Once you’re done with this final step of financial planning, you’re almost done with the planning stage. Now all that would be left is the execution. A proper, crisp and well-thought plan is very essential to have the desired results. Marks our words when we say this – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So, make sure to plan the construction of a badminton facility well,  execute well and have a classic badminton facility. 


We hope that this blogs helps you plan the construction of a badminton facility conveniently. If you have got any questions or require any assistance in this regard, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to assist you in the planning and construction of your badminton facility.  Born to play is one-stop-shop for all your sporting infrastructure needs. We build and maintain world-class international standard sporting infrastructure that ranges from indoor to outdoor playing fields. Our contact details are as mentioned below. 


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