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With COVID-19 disrupting the entire world, people are forced to work remotely and….we have “Work from home” as the new norm. Though it may sound very comfy, the negative aspects of being lonely, feeling isolated, work burden stress, lack of excitement, disengagement and other worries cannot be avoided. At these times, having some  virtual employee engagement activities ideas and executing the same becomes necessary. 

So, you need to step in and take some measures in order to keep your employee team spirit up, keep them engaged and reap more profits. 

We’re here to help you out with the same! Yes, you’ll have the virtual employee engagement activities, the importance of conducting them and a few tips, tools and resources. 

Let’s begin!


Why is virtual employee engagement activities essential???


Implementing remote employee engagement activities can help you in the following ways:

  • Improves team collaboration
  • Better internal communication 
  • Improved relationships between coworkers 
  • Increased job satisfaction 
  • Healthy work culture 
  • Happy employees 
  • Improved company reputation 
  • Better productivity and profitability 


The list of fun virtual employee engagement activities! 


1. Virtual scavenger hunt 

Time: 1 hour

Rules: This one is very similar to treasure hunt. Your participants will be asked riddles and they’re supposed to decipher the same to identify the object. Once they do identify the object, get them to quickly run and get it. The last person to get the object  is eliminated and this continues until the last  person survives. 

Object:  To create a pleasant atmosphere around and de-stress the employees. 


2. The deserted island scenario 

Time: 1 hour

Rules: This is an interesting icebreaker game. Most of us have played the similar game during our school times. The participants (divided into teams of 2-3) will be given a scenario where they’re stranded on a deserted island with seven objects, but they can pick only three. Keep the objects as obscure and as challenging as possible so that your employees are disposed to think and plan critically. Once all the teams have picked their 3 objects,  connect with them through a conference call, discuss their choice and plan behind those selections and the team taking the most rational decision, being able to explain it well wins! 

Objective: This will generate a sense of team spirit among your employees and can lead to healthy competition and excitement within the team. 


3. Donut calls

Time: 15-30 minutes

Rules: Donut is basically a slack extension that randomly pairs up two members every 1-4 weeks. This will enable your employees to bond better. Team members living in the same city can even meet up for coffee or lunch if they would like to! 

Objective: To build better relationships among your employees, enable them to connect well and improve their communication skills. 


4. Aliens have landed! 

Time: 30 minutes-1 hour

Rules: Split your employees into groups of three or four. Ask your participants to assume that aliens have landed on Earth and are interested in learning about your company. But….the aliens do not understand human language and hence, the participants are supposed to explain the same to them using 5 symbols or pictures. The group portraying the best, most understandable and relatable picture/symbol wins. 

Objective: The game will help the employees bond well with their co-workers. It’ll encourage them to think out of the box and to get creative. Further, it’ll also let you understand their perspective and the understanding of your company. 


5. Three truths and a lie

Time: 10-15 minutes 

Rules: Ask each of your employees to tell three truths and a lie regarding themselves.  The employees should keep the lie realistic so that it is not too easy to guess. The other employees are supposed to guess which was the lie and the right guess gains points. 

Objective: This is another great game which allows you to know each other well. It will help your employees get rid of the awkwardness in a light and fun way. 


6. Movie night

Time: 3-4 hours

Rules: Get your employees to vote on what movie they would want to watch and stream the movie bagging maximum votes through a video conference call. Also, make sure to keep the chat box open so that your employees can pass on comments and chit-chat while watching the movie. 

Objective: Movie night is a great activity to de-stress your fellow employees and thereby, create a fun and pleasing atmosphere.


7. Virtual book club

Time: 1-2 hours

Rules: A great opportunity to unite like-minded people in your remote team. Just like real world book clubs, the main function is to gather people reading the same material and to discuss thoughts and feelings about it. We recommend you to begin with a novelette or an essay so that you can cover the entire thing in 2-3  sessions. A couple of sessions will give you an idea of the commitment of your team towards the club and whether you should continue the same or not. 

Objective: To enhance company culture and rejuvenate book-loving members.


8. Remote team dinner

Time: 1-2 hours 

Rules: Have your team members prepare any delicious meal and then connect for a virtual call while you eat and chat! You can also include icebreakers and little games to keep the conversation going and to have a pleasant moment. This is definitely a great way to rejoice with your co-workers.

Objective: To get your team members together gossiping on the dinner table about ongoing things and thereby, nourishing their bond. 


9. Picture of your life

Time: 15-30 minutes 

Rules: Each individual is supposed to share a picture of their life.  This picture can either be of the employee group or their pets or their kids or their favourite show or the view from their apartment or literally anything. Then, the participants should be asked to share the story behind the picture. 

Objective: This game is more like an icebreaker session. It allows the employees to know each other well amid the casual and fun atmosphere. 


10. Building a storyline 

Time: 1 hour

Rules: One of the oldest and fun team building activities! Connect with your entire group through a video call. The first person begins the story with one opening sentence and another incomplete one. Then, the next individual completes the previous line and adds another incomplete sentence. This goes on until everyone has had a turn. By the end of the game, you’ll be having a comprehensive story structure. 

Objective: This will tempt your fellow employees to use their creative juices. Further, they do develop the interest to listen to each other and thus, it enriches team cooperation. 


11. Stimulated problems 

Time: 1-2 hours

Rules: Another effective brainstorming session! Create a tricky and challenging scenario related to your team’s role, place it before your employees and ask them about how would they tackle the situation. Pose questions like “How does the  firm save its credibility?”, “Do you come out with an apology?” and “How will your priorities change after this?”. This is great way to gear your team up for a problem your business could actually face in future.

Objective: To prepare your remote team for an unforeseen situation while maintaining cooperation to increase team effectiveness. It will help your employees on their creative and decision-making skills. 


12. A peep into future

Time: 1-2 hours

Rules: A peep into future is another short productive activity. Share an e-newspaper or an e-magazine with your team and ask them to mark ten headlines that could be related to the company in the future. Headlines like “How this company changed the World!”, “All you need to know about e-marketing” are good examples

Objective: To understand each member’s goals and expectations from the company. This also allows you to analyse your employees’ commitment and priorities. 


13. Well-being webinars

Time: 1-2 hours

Rules: This is a fraught period. People are actually so so worried about their health, managing household, finance, about their loved ones and lot other stuffs. Hence, we recommend you to frequently conduct well-being webinars where an influencer discusses these issues, provide them with a solution and an optimistic perspective. 

Objective: To de-stress your employees, improve their productivity and make them feel safe and connected. 


14. Tiny campfire 

Time: 2 hours

Rules: This 100% virtual campfire is super-fun! Before the conduct of this online camping, do send a small package to your employees with materials like a red-light candle,  matches and if possible, a bottle of wine. Trust us, your fellow team is truly going to appreciate it. 

Once the package is delivered, select a convenient date and connect your team through a conference video call. There begins your virtual campfires. Include haunted ghost stories, icebreakers, fun competition and similar stuffs to add the fun factor and make the camping memorable. 

Objective: To create unique shared memories, good vibes and strong virtual employee engagement. 


15. Virtual amazing race

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Rule: Virtual Amazing Race is very popular among virtual team building activities. This is a team game, where teams are given various funny and exciting tasks to complete. Teams are supposed to  nominate the best person in the group to complete the task. The team which completes the task in best way wins that particular round and gains point. This is continued further and in the end, the team with maximum points wins the game.  The game is played over video call and number of players allowed in a session is 50.

Objective: to encourage teams to make connections, work together and communicate well. 


16. Tambola

Time: 45 mins-1 hour

Rule: Tambola is a popular version of ‘hoodie game’. This is widely played in India. A caller reads out the numbers that are randomly drawn to the audience. The players cross the number off their ticket if they have the same. Once the player completes his winning point, he announces the same and claims price. 

Objective: To rejoice and de-stress the fellow employees.


17. League of legends

Time: Depends on difficulty level of match 

Rule: This is multi-player online game, where each team occupy and defend their own separate base on the map. Each player controls a character, know as ‘champion’. The champions are supposed to collect experience points to level up and to purchase items in order to defend the opposing team. 

Objective: To bring your employees together and refresh them. 


These were your 17 virtual employee engagement activities ideas!


A few tips to reap best results 


a) Include the introverts

While conducting these virtual activities, make sure that all of the employees do participate including the introverts. Doing so would encourage introverts to socialize with people and enjoy their space. This will make sure that introverts are not left behind and that everyone is in the same page.

b) Make this these activities a part of your monthly schedule 

The benefits derived out of these activities would last only if they are conducted frequently. Having these events once in a long time would do no good. You are required to conduct these events very frequently so that your employees will stay productive through out the year. It’ll help to not over burden them work. 

c) Send mail packages 

All we get in mail these days are either grocery bills or bank statements or the work documents. Being said that, how if you deliver some fun packages to your employees!? Trust us, they’re definitely going to like it. These packs could either include snacks, tech gadgets or any cute stuffs. It will definitely make them feel happy about being a part of your employee-loving organization and will thereby boost their productivity. 

These tips would make execution of  your virtual employee engagement activities ideas more effective!


Boost-up your virtual team building! 


Making use of the following tools and resources will help you engage and promote success of your remote work team. 


Virtual meeting software 


These are some of the tools that will allow you and your employees connect through video conference call. 

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft teams 
  • Google meet
  • Webex
  • Jitsi
  • Jami
  • Lifesize
  • Skype
  • Whereby 


 Tools for teamwork and collaboration 


Following tools will allow your remote team to stay connected and work together:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Google Docs 
  • Zoom Docs
  • Zite board

That is it! 

No physical contact does not mean that your employees are to stay disconnected. They can still connect together virtually, have great time and lift their productivity. After all,  this is going to benefit your organization tremendously. We really hope that you make the most of these virtual employee engagement activities ideas.

So, wait why? 

Get these activities organized for your employees and reap the benefits! If you need any assistance for the conduct of virtual employee engagement activities, please feel free to contact us. We’ve been organizing similar events for various corporates and will be happy to do so for you as well. 

Lastly, What other fun activities would you like to add in the list? 

Let us know in the comment section below!