Author: Udit Dwivedi

Importance Of Sports: Can You Play Everyday?

  Have you considered the importance of sports in everyday life? For people, it could be their career, or it could just be a hobby or a leisurely activity. There could be other motives, such as, staying fit but have you ever realized how closely e...

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Summer Asiad: The Asian Games 2018

Equaling the gold medal tally of first ever Asian Games held in New Delhi, 1951, India gave its best performance in the multi-sport event at Indonesia, 2018. Has this ushered a new era of sports or is this a delayed success? From the World stage to contin...

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Men And Women In Sports: Men v Women, Who Is Better?

A woman against a man in sports or in any field is a contentious issue. The society has moved on from patriarchy and is deriving its new base from feminism. Yet, there are people who cannot leave their ill-founded elitism behind. From facts to figures, it...

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