Avoid Motivation Burnout

Have you ever watched a marathon runner? Running for almost 42 kilometers, he exhibits endurance, discipline and an inexorable aim towards his goal. His efforts leave millions in awe, and as he crosses the finish line he is received with applause irrespective of the outcome. Win or lose, he is a champion.

But have you observed his approach towards the race? He starts slow and steady, he knows sprinting initially will only lead to fatigue. He knows he needs to conserve his energy. He remains calm yet steely. But how does he keeps his will high throughout the long run? He certainly must have some secret, some trick, to keep himself motivated, to keep himself upbeat, to take the challenge head-on. Well, his strength is his perseverance. His will to complete the race is what that kindles his fire.


Have you ever gone to bed making promises to yourself, a promise to wake up early the next day or to exercise early next morning, or to go on a healthier diet, or to go to the gym, or to start following your passion? Well, we all have. But how many of us actually keep those promises which we had made to ourselves. The answer would be very less. We certainly feel a rush of motivation, a will to do something but it all fades away. You might ask how is that possible in overnight? How can you feel the fire of motivation raging within you at one instant and at the very next it’s gone, poof? How does the fire of motivation burnout so quickly?

The metaphor of motivational fire is befitting. If you too are an easy quitter, what you are experiencing is motivational burnout. Today, in this article we are going to give you some advice which will help you stay focused on your goal, focused on your dream and stay motivated throughout your venture to achieve it.

Day 1 is tough but Day 2 is tougher

You have embarked on your journey, motivated, all fired up and you have started to gain confidence in yourself as you make it through day 1, but is finding an excuse to strand easier on the very next day easier? Yes, it is. And this is the case with the majority of us. The second day is the toughest for we have a tendency to find excuses rather than working hard for our goal. Making it through the initial stage of your journey is the toughest. You must keep in mind that you might come across a thousand excuses to ditch halfway, but you should just stick to the one reason to continue. And trust me, that one single reason is worth a thousand excuses.

Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you are done.

Remember you are in it to do something and that something is not going to be a stroll in the park. You will have to work hard for it. You just can’t make a wish to make it to your goal in a blink. It is going to be tough and you know it. If it hadn’t been tough then you wouldn’t have been trying so hard in the first place. It is absolutely fine if you get tired midway. But it’s unacceptable if you stop. Take a pause, take a moment, take in a nice deep breath and resume. Resume on your journey which is your dream. You are only allowed to stop once you are beyond that line. Not even an inch before you cross it.

Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits

Hunger, that’s what you should feel. A hunger for more than what you have already achieved. There is nothing called an overachievement. You must always want a little more. When it comes to your goal, the sky’s the limit. Push yourself. Test your limits. And remember the key to survival is growth. Adapt to your present and challenge your future, that’s how you are gonna make it to the top.

You are your own competition

You are your own competition and no one else. Every day, work hard to become a better version of yourselves. You don’t need to compete with someone else. Look in the mirror. That face you see, that’s your competition. That is who you have to defeat. Make these four principles your mantra, and you will never have to look for motivation elsewhere. Speeches, seminars and speakers, they can serve as up-lifters but remember you yourself are your best motivator. You and no one else.


                                                     “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

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