Dreams, Passion & Karma

What is a dream?

Is it something we imagine? Is it something that we just see in our sleep? Is it something that is just in our sub-conscious? or is it something we feel so strongly about that we can’t stop thinking about it? How does it play a role in our success?

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What is Passion?

Is it something which comes from within? Is it something we are born with? Or something that we get from our social environment? Is it something that can be forced on us? Is it something that fascinates us? Is it something we feel very strongly about? Does being passionate makes one successful in life?

What is Karma?
Is it just our physical actions or does our intent play a role too? Can karma be mental? Does our karma really decide our fate?

The Mantra of success!

Success is not something you achieve just by wanting it! Everybody wants to be successful, Who doesn’t? But there is a lot more to success than just wanting it badly. Your dream is something you not only see after you sleep but something which is in your mind, constantly, all the time! It is something you feel so strongly about that you can’t get it off our mind. It is something buried so deeply in your subconscious that you cannot take it out. It is something that would only stop when you achieve it. It’s not just a dream, it’s a target, a goal, the holy grail!
A dream is very important for succeeding in life, but Just having a dream won’t make you successful.

Your passion is not something that someone can force upon you, its also not just some other thing that fascinates you. It’s something that you feel so strongly about that you dream about it, all the time! It’s a matter of life and death for you. It’s like the feeling of wanting something as bad as you want to breathe. Being Passionate is very important, but passion alone cannot guarantee success!

Karma is not just a physical action, it is a physical action guided by your intentions. It’s the action taken in the direction of what you want to do. One needs to have a lot of positive karma in order to succeed a lot of work towards reaching your ultimate goal, but alone, karma too cannot guarantee success.

None of the above three things alone can make you successful. One can only succeed when all these three things are in the perfect alignment. No more no less but the perfect mix. By this what I mean is, having only a dream without passion and positive karma won’t lead you anywhere similarly only being passionate won’t make you a big success!

One should have a dream, one should be very passionate about it and there has to be constant work towards the achievement of the objective. Similarly, having too much of something is also not advisable. Being too passionate can take you down instead of taking you high. So can overworking yourself in any particular direction. So go out there, dream! be passionate! and keep working towards your goals, Everything in a balance.

Follow Your Passions, Believe in Karma,

&  You Won’t Have To Chase Your Dreams,

They Will Come To You.

 -Randy Pausch

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