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Basketball Indoor Sports Fest- April ’18 – Born To Play

Basketball Indoor Sports Fest- April ’18

The Indoor Sports Fest is back with a bang with Badminton, Table-Tennis and Indoor Basketball Tournaments at Thyagraj Sports Complex, New Delhi on Sunday, 8th April 2018. An Indoor 3x3 Basketball Tournament hosted by Born To Play.


  • Boys U-17
  • Boys (Senior)
  • Girls U-17
  • Girls (Senior)
  • Free throw contest
  • Dunk contest
  • 3 point shooting contest


  • Exciting League cum Knockouts 
  • Professionally Organised Tournament
  • Certificates for all the participants
  • Medals & Jerseys for winners
  • Trophies for Free throw contest, Dunk contest, 3 point shooting contest
  • Refreshments for all the participants
  • FIBA rules will apply
  • Participate in as many categories as you like
  • Action Photography at the event

REGISTRATION FEE (includes Certificates & Refreshments)-

  • Team-    INR 2000
                  INR 3000 (includes Dri-Fit T-Shirts for the whole team)
  • Contest- INR 100/contest.


Born To Play India- Born To Play is an endeavour, brought out to change the way you look at sports. A first of its kind initiative, Born To Play reconstructs sports as we know it, and hopes to bring you delight through the medium of sports. 

We strive to bring out the competitive spirit in people, irrespective of their gender or age. We aim to make sports an essential part of everyones routine and not just an option.

Making available, various sports to the people of all strata and introducing sportsmanship as something to apply in our day to day lives is one of the prime driving forces of our venture.

To create a never before seen era of sporting culture we:
- Host weekly events near you
- Organise events for independent institutions/bodies
- Organise annual league championships 

Therefore, if you think of sports, think of us.



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