Table-Tennis Tournament- May '18 Edition

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The Junior Pro-Shuttler Challenge- May '18 Edition

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Lalit Mohan

BornToPlay doing a great work for sports lover. Keep going!

Arshdeep Singh Saini
International Basketball Player From India

What Born To Play is doing is absolutely amazing. I would definitely come in all their events.

Deepak Goel
CEO, Karmacircles

Born To play is a wonderful idea, its a great opportunity for everyone who loves to play and wants to stay connected with sports

Sachin Gupta

Congratulation it's a very well managed and worth playing tournament of badminton in Delhi NCR, I like their warm hospitality also,just a small suggestion to all the referees shuttle r meant for players to play so kindly provide the right shuttle if they ask saying shuttle is spoilt Its meant to be changed. I feel refrees must stand on the chairs to watch the shuttle in the right Way rather then sitting on the chair if they will stand on it they will get a better view. I recommend more and more players to come and play because its a very strong fighting tournament we can see some of the state level and national level players too attending it.All the best guys.

Deepak Chandrababu

Good tournament and excellent organisers