Importance Of Sports: Can You Play Everyday?


Have you considered the importance of sports in everyday life? For people, it could be their career, or it could just be a hobby or a leisurely activity. There could be other motives, such as, staying fit but have you ever realized how closely entwined is a sport with your everyday life?


A normal day is just a session of sport: You warm up, you play and you rest. What goes unnoticed in this superficial analogy is how it can affect your everyday life. Except for the physical stamina, it provides you with motivation & energy to make it through the day, it preps you mentally as well.


When you know what are your strengths and weaknesses are, you can conquer any task. Sports is a workable SWOT analysis, you will know when to cash in opportunities and when to avoid. In both, playing a sport and dealing with everyday life, you will learn how to break down work, techniques, how to improvise and avoid what could harm you.


To be spontaneous and quick in taking decisions is not something you would usually encounter in a normal course of business, but this is what differentiates a manager from an employee. What is a rarity in a business is momentary in sports; each action requires a plethora of analysis in an instant before you can make that winning move.


Some sports require constant body movements, some, constant thinking, while some require a mixture of both. You also need to play daily to up your game. Similarly, repetition of everyday tasks, if done with the right attitude, will help perfect it. Performing consistently in everyday tasks might sound futile but as the clichéd saying goes, every drop counts.


Nutrition is not something you can ignore when you have taken up any sport. There are foods that make you active, while there are also foods that make you lazy. When you are eating healthy to provide for an efficient diet, you are also reducing laziness, increasing concentration and it also brings a positive impact on your overall persona.


Sports, as a different subject also has an impact on one’s life, such as, relieving stress, making fit, amongst many. More than asking whether, why you should take up a sport, one should inquire if you can take up a sport. Sports and everyday life are interlinked and complementary to each other and after all, as Hobbes said it, ‘life is but a motion of limbs.’


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