Men And Women In Sports: Men v Women, Who Is Better?

A woman against a man in sports or in any field is a contentious issue. The society has moved on from patriarchy and is deriving its new base from feminism. Yet, there are people who cannot leave their ill-founded elitism behind. From facts to figures, it is a proof beyond doubt if, males go against females, it will just be another match between two sportspersons.

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Yes, not gender but inequality in sports. Why are certain countries better in certain sports? It is because all sports aren’t treated equally and the performances in other sports will improve slowly, as they will be focused upon. By analogy, women have not been exposed to sports for as long, as men were and hence, they will take their time to equal them.


As the saying goes, it is never too late. Some women have proved, in spite of the delay in exposure, to be equal and maybe even better than men. Riggs v King was one such tennis match, where Billie Jean King, the world no.1 (female) then, defeated Robert Riggs, the best of his time (male).


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While males have a higher muscle mass and a focused approach, females can multitask easily, are more sensorial and the lack in strength isn’t that great. Sports is not just about brutal strength, it is about skills which are a proportional combination of power and intellect. Women are more suited for sports, brain-wise and men, strength-wise; there is no common ground to compare.


The world is progressing fast and now, the third sex is being empowered. There are many recognized genders and the issue of sexism is being defeated exponentially. If one country can visit another to compete, two teams of different sexes, playing on the same ground can compete, too. People have a feeling of nationalism, or they are religious or may preach peace but I haven’t heard of gender-unity, so, an intersex sports event isn’t really ridiculous.

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Due to delay in opportunity, their records might differ, but a woman has done everything a man ‘was supposed’ to be doing for ages. When they both compete, we should not see it as something strange or new, it should be seen as a normal occurrence as it is a fact which cannot be denied anymore. So, if someone tells you that you run like a girl, ask them to keep up.

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