Rock Climbing: Fall Of Fame

Remember Tom Cruise in the intro of Mission Impossible 2? He was free soloing on those vertical rocks. You show me that for two hours straight and it would, alone, do justice to the movie title. Speaking of titles, mine does give a wrong idea but let’s not forget that Shakespeare called one of his plays, ‘As you like it,’ because he couldn’t come up with a name. Nonetheless, here are 9 life lessons that can be learned through Rock Climbing:

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  • THE LEADER MUST NEVER FALL   It is a common saying amongst climbers. A leader could be one amongst two or in a group. He leads the way up and his fall is usually accompanied by a risk that he might take others with him because he ascends the anchor to clip the rope into cams or nuts. This practice is common in Lead Climbing.
  • EXERCISE CAUTION AT EVERY STEP   One wrong move and all your progress could go waste. A person should plan every move, place a backup and also try to lay down a path for other climbers to ease their hardships and increased safety. This information about the path is called ‘Beta’ and sharing beta is called redpointing.
  • WORK, UNTIL THE GOAL, IS REACHED!   An exhausting sport and unlike other field sports, one cannot just give up midway. Since, descending is harder than the ascent, here; one has to complete the track anyway.
  • INNOVATE   Rock climbing may not necessarily involve a lead, or may not be a Via Ferrata (dependent heavily on protection). Climbing a new, unexplored or unknown path, called ‘On-sight climbing,’ requires one to innovate to overcome.
  • TEAMWORK   In a group effort, work should be distributed uniformly and co-ordination can’t be ignored. ‘Belaying’ is an act wherein tension is applied to the rope by a climber’s partner to minimize the falling distance. A single climber cannot carry the weight of all but with a coordinated effort, the weight can be distributed.
  • NO SUMMIT IS UNSCALABLE   It is not about the height, it is not about what grade is the route and where it is. With the right amount of caution, hard work, techniques, and safety, any summit can be reached.
  • JOURNEY MATTERS AS MUCH AS THE GOAL  There are always two ways, the tough and the easy one. If it was about getting on top, many could do it through different means but the whole essence of rock climbing would be destroyed. The thrill is in scaling it, likewise, it’s the ups and downs of life; everyone is born but not everyone truly lives.
  • GO NATURAL   Not every passion is pursued within the four walls. We should connect more to our mother nature and not forget our roots. In pursuance of rock climbing, one sees more than a sport; it involves trekking, searching, an awareness which is an experience of its own.
  • NIRVANA   An aim, a path, success, and peak. Life is no different than climbing a vertical wall. In the end, and on the top is where you get a glimpse of what you have been through to be standing on your own two legs, after being on all four. You look around and you’ve done it; you breathe in and you’ve lived a life, again. It is the heaven that religion talks about and it can be seen afresh every time.



Rock climbing is serene and aggressive at the same time. It is one of the best sport to empty your mind and to release frustration. Had a busy week? Pack your bags, put on your woodlands and start climbing.


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